Infinite Media Solutions


Founded: 2006

Owner: Char and D.


Areas of expertise:  Social Media management, Photography/Videography, advertisement advisor, digital logo animation, digital business card...

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Competitive Pricing


Keeping our services affordable for our clients is our top priority. Being a local small business ourselves, we take pride in offering competitive prices and discounted packages to fit any business’s budget.

Company Profile

What Sets Us Apart

Attention to Detail


Working with our clients, we listen and understand their overall needs and vision. From there, we carefully plan every aspect of your project, insuring and delivering a high-quality end product you can be proud of.

Professional Equipment

Armed with the industry’s top of the line equipment including cameras, lenses, aerial drone, stabilization gimbals and even a remote-control car fitted with an HD camera to get the most creative and high-quality shots.

Your vision is important to us.


At Infinite Media Solutions, we care about your vision, and use the best equipment possible to acquire your goals. We are eager and excited to assist you and your business needs. We have dedicated IMS to be our lifelong passion advancing your business every step of the way. Our professionalism, array of equipment and attention to detail is what keeps ahead of others providing you with the best at a affordable price.

Our Mission.

We want to be the media provider you turn to for all your needs. Whether you need minimal support or need the full package, we're the company to take your business to the next level.